George Loukas

This combination consists of the elements gold, natrium and chlorium. Burnett considered it to be the remedy that had the best results from any other Aurum salt for cancer of the womb. It is true that it has been used extensively in the cure of cancers of the womb as well as myofibromas. Some information will help us understand the mental/emotional picture of Aurum muriaticum natronatum.

The element natrum is related to concepts that are connected with love relationships. All the Natrium group puts great emphasis on love relationships and its primary conflicts are related to love relationships.

The element muriaticum is related to feelings of disappointment.

The element aurum is related to great care and responsibility towards his loved ones. He needs to be first and is easily offended.

Hammer in his book “Cancer - the disease of the soul” considers cancer of the womb an expression of an accute mental conflict in self-destructive women which is related to their love life. He also considers prostate to be related to a man’s love life.

From the above we can reach the following conclusions about the mental/emotional picture of Aurum muriaticum natronatum: They are individuals who have got a lot of Aurum characteristics, but who have been greatly disappointed in their love relationships. This may have happened either because their companion did not meet his or her expectations or because they have a strong emotional rejection. The emptiness created by this rejection is filled by hard work and the constant renewal of business goals. Vision, that is the defining of goals and the effort to make them come true, is one of the basic characteristics of the Aurum state. It is, however, driven by selfish motivations. It is not socially orientated as in the state the alchemistic philosophical stone.

The feelings of disappointment in the love relationship often occur during the fifth decade of a woman’s life. That’s why Aurum muriaticum natronatum has often been prescribed to women with health problems related to the womb. We assume that it can also be prescribed for prostate problems in men.

However, it is not necessary for this to be the case in order to prescribe Aurum muriaticum natronatum. It can be given to any age group. The characteristic elements that must be present in the personality are the characteristics of the Aurum personality that we have already mentioned. In addition there is the acute insecurity that the individual will be disappointed in the relationship or when he refers to disappointments in his love relationships. Thus, the Aurum muriaticum natronatum are individuals who will think a lot before they decide to get married. They are very cautious about marriage.

Here, we ought to make some comparisons of Aurum muriaticum natronatum with some other combinations. They have not yet been proved but we believe they will be very useful in the prevention and cure of cancer and myofibromas of the womb, as well as the swelling or cancer of the prostate. Our approach to their psychism picture will be based on the understanding of the psychism picture of their basic components. This has been achieved through our cases. Unfortunately, although we have had cases where we have prescribed these combinations, there was a delay in taking the remedies due to a delay in their preparation, because they were not available. We believe that in a future congress we will be in a position to give more information on these combinations. We would like to thank Mr. Efstathiou for the pharmaceutical support they provide us for the study and clinical application of new homeopathic remedies such as:




The element Argentum is characterized by excessive reliability, the prevalence of reason and hastiness. It does not have the active outlook of a visionary, but a passive outlook of realiability. The sun is associated with gold and gives light; it gives life; the whole of life revolves around the sun. The moon is associated with silver; it receives light from the sun and it transmits it to the earth. This means that the Argentum individual is not characterized by a tendency to take the initiative but by a tendency for reliability. So his diligence is due to his excessive tendency for reliability.

Thus, the Argentum muriaticum natronatum individual is very reliable and sensible and at the same time he easily experiences disappointments within a relationship. We believe that the remedy will prove to be equally helpful for women with womb complaints. They are women who experience disappointment in a relationship. They are excessively reliable in everything they do and very anxious to keep to a schedule. They are very hasty and they want everything to be done promptly. Reason prevails more that anything in these women.




The element is called in Greek “pseudargyros”, which derives from the words pseudo (false) and argyros (silver). Thus, while silver has an excessive need for reliability, which is an inner need for reliability, zincum is characterized by a reliability as a result of fear of punishment. Zincum is associated with Zeus of Greek mythology, who punished Gods and humans when they violated his Law.

So, the Zincum muriaticum natronatum is an individual whose existence is governed by the concepts of Law, punishment and society’s rules. Also there is the disappointment in love relationships insecurity that he may become disappointed in love relationships and the reference to frequent disappointments in love relationships. they are the women who have been afraid of punishment all their lives. They have supressed every possible desire of theirs afraid of a possible punishment. Or they are young people who are very keen to follow society’s ethics and customs, as a result of the fear of punishment and who have reservations about getting married because they think they will be disappointed.




The basic characteristic of the element Platina is the need for perfection. this perfection is expressed in the idealization of the perfect farther figure, which she is looking for in every man. At the beginning of the relationship she has a very idealistic view of it, but later she is very critical and demanding. Natrum Muriaticum also idealizes the relationship but in Platina this idealization goes as far as perfection, which Platina always seeks.

The characteristic of Platinum muriaticum natronatum is the need for perfection and the disappointment in the relationship. It can be seen in women who idealize the relationship and then they are greatly disappointed. In Platinum muriaticum natronatum we find perhaps the greatest idealization and disappointment from the whole group of these combinations. Here also there may be individuals with reservations about marriage because they think they will be disappointed. They are perfection seekers.




In Plumbum muriaticum natronatum it is the element Plumbum which gives it its particular characteristics. These are the tendency for financial and material power. In his love life Plumbum is distinguished by his tendency to have superficial relationships; he is interested only in sex.

Thus, in Plumbum muriaticum the disappointment in the relationship is expressed in a disappointment for the lack of material possessions. It can be seen in the women who are disappointed in their husbands for not succeeding financially. It can also be seen in men who fall in love with rich women and who easily experience feelings of disappointment or who are afraid that they will be disappointed in the relationship. They may also be individuals who have had numerous partners but who have been disappointed in them, and who also have the other characteristics we have already mentioned.




The Cuprum individual has an acute desire for recognition and social status. His love life is full of passion; he seeks love; he lives for the game of love, but not for sex. When the love game ends he feels trapped. Then he feels very oppressed. This happens mainly in marriage. Jealousy and desire, hurt pride form a frustrated love relationship can be the cause of Cuprum symptomatology. Another important insecurity of Cuprum is the fear that she may be accused of being a “whore”. This makes her behave very carefully, especially in everything connected with matters of love. Aphrodite corresponds to copper; she was the Goddess who brought forth the passion in Gods and humans; Hephaestus accused her of being immoral when he caught her making love with Mars.

The Cuprum muriaticum natronatum is a combination of Cuprum and Natrum muriaticum; that is there are often disappointments in or the insecurity that they will happen. It can also be seen in people who have been trapped in a stifling marriage with a jealous partner and who feel an intense disappointment in a life without the game of love.




The basic insecurity of Baryta is that he “can’t stand” on his own two feet and always has the feeling that others laugh at him. He becomes shy and withdrawn because of this.

In Baryta muriatica natronata individuals the insecurity that the members of the opposite sex will laugh at them must be predominant and they feel intense disappointment because of this. Alternatively they are shy and withdrawn people who have lived with a domineereng of scornful marriage partner and have for years felt disappointed.